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"Yo soy de Bilbao. ¿De dónde va a ser uno? ¿De Orio? De Orio es mi infancia. Yo soy de Bilbao." --Jorge Oteiza

Sidebar image: Masia Freixa by Lluís Muncunill. Parc de Sant Jordi, Terrassa.

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❝El idioma español o castellano es nuestro idioma oficial y el hablado por la mayoría de los españoles; pero en España se hablan otros dos idiomas: el catalán y el gallego. Y en algunas aldeas vascas se habla el vascuence, lengua antiquísima […] Idioma o lengua es la manera de hablar de un país. El idioma que hablamos los españoles es el español o castellano. También se hablan en ciertas regiones el catalán, el gallego, el vascuence y algunos dialectos.❞
-Nueva enciclopedia escolar. Periodo de enseñanza elemental. 2º grado (textbook used in 1960’s Spain)
EITB nahieran BETA | Telebista eta irratia nahieran

At 2:55 pm EST you can watch my best friend’s choir perform at the Royal Palace in Madrid (they are hardcore awesome and have performed all over the world and for the Spanish royal family on numerous occasions)!  The actual performance was on Thursday but it’s airing today on the local Basque station. There are other choirs performing, but this is the one I’m excited about because it’s my BFF.  :)

If you care to watch it in Spanish, go here at 2:00 pm (EST) instead.  :)

[Note: At least with the Basque one, you can also watch it later as it will be archived on the EiTB site, since I’m not sure if it’s even possible to watch it live (the EiTB site is weird).]

"Hator Hator" - Basque Christmas carol (performed by the Ereintza choir in San Juan Bautista Parish in Estella)

Our first Christmas in Spain my 6th grade class at the American School of Bilbao (which was actually a 20 min. drive outside of Bilbao in Berango, but no one cared) sang this song at a Christmas concert.

It’s the first Basque song I ever learned, and thought it was absolutely beautiful even if I couldn’t understand a word of it.

Hator, hator, mutil etxera
gaztainak ximelak jatera
gabon gaba ospatutzeko
aitaren ta amaren ondoan.
Ikusiko duk aita barrezka
ama ere poz atseginez.

Eragiok mutil aurreko dambolin horri
gaztainak erre artean,
gaztainak erre artean,
txipli, txapla, pun.

Gabon gaba pozik igaro daigun.


(Això va per a zvaigzdziudulkes, qui em va preguntar si coneixia alguna cançó nadalenca en euskera.  :D  Aquí la tens, guapa!)

(Fonte: youtube.com)

Ken Zazpi | "Ihes Betean" ("An Escape")

Thanks to this song, I had an emotional breakdown that lasted a full hour.

This album is ruining my life.  :|

Hel nazazu eskutik, hau buka bitartean.

Take me by the hand, until this is over.

Ken Zazpi — “Hel Nazazu Eskutik”

Maite genituen gauzengatik erori eginen preso, baina gure maitasuna oraindik ez dago preso.

We fell prisoner to the things we loved, but our love is not yet prisoner.

Ken Zazpi — “Hemen Gaude”

Gora Euskadi! Vol. 1

In the vein of my Visca Catalunya! mixes where I compile a bunch of Catalan songs for your enjoyment, here is a mix of Basque songs.  I actually had a lot of fun with these because I have a ton of Basque music.  I am a huge fan of the Basque music scene, probably even moreso than the Catalan music scene, and I tried to make this as musically diverse as I could, with the exception of more folk-y stuff, which I’ll probably put in the second mix.  Anyway, enjoy!

Tracklist and download link after the jump!

Leggi Tutto

Ken Zazpi — “Hemen Gaude (We Are Here)”

[Subtitles in Spanish]

Front page of eitb.com in Euskera.

Front page of eitb.com in Euskera.

Minority languages: Hablen español, already | The Economist


Language politics is a serious passion of mine especially where Spain is concerned, and it’s fun to get into discussions about it here in Canada where it’s also a huge issue.  It’s something that I’m totally considering doing post-grad work on even though the idea of research and writing papers all day bores me to tears; if it’s something I’m really passionate about I could do it without qualms.

I just completely agree with everything mentioned by the OP (and I have read through the comments as well).  I honestly believe that it is more of a detriment to Spain to disallow debate in Spain’s other official languages in favor of the “common denominator” Castilian.  Part of Spain’s problem is that the Castilians (for the sake of argument, those who are from a region other than Galicia, the Basque Country, Catalonia or the Comunitat Valenciana) do see the other official languages as “minority” without due credit (though this is a generalization, the central government does seem to think this way).

And from a translating/interpreting viewpoint, this is also a good thing.